Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pacific Northwest Shows in May

From May 9-12, we'll be heading up north for the first time. We are calling it the SCIENTISTS HATE US TOUR 2012 for reasons that I think should be fairly obvious. We'll be playing the following places:

     Little Red Lion in Eureka, CA (May 9)
     The High Dive in Seattle (May 10)
     O'Malley's in Portland OR (May 11)
     The Black Forest in Eugene, OR (May 12)

We are super excited to be visiting the place where that one type of music came from in the 1990s in which everybody wore flannel shirts. Also, I think two of us have lived in Seattle, and I'm from Vancouver, which is basically the same thing.

In addition to the Superhuge Robot poster above, we'll have new t-shirts to commemorate the trip, available at the shows! I'll post some pix once we get 'em in.

Also, check out some of the cool posters that other folks have made for some of the shows: