Praise for "Money and Guilt"

"...buzzing bass, heavy guitars, trippy instrumental moments, groovy drumming and cool hard rock vocals."
Blasting Days, July 12 / 2012

"Crisp, catchy riffs bounce around held in place by the tight as fuck rhythm section while the economical guitar solos make sure that every note counts... This record has a big sound..."

Black Insect Laughter, July 11 / 2012

"'Money And Guilt' is the kind of album that unifies audiences. No matter which side of rock you're on, you'll gain a lot by listening to it. Refreshing, revitalizing, tasteful! Dig it without fear nor guilt!"

Downtuned Magazine, June 19 / 2012

"This is what you get if you put Queens of the Stone Age, Soundgarden, and Melvins into a blender and hit mix. With balls-out Cornell-like vocals, jagged bouncy rhythms, a bit of deafening sludge and an aura of awesomeness, Disastroid will have you stomping your feet and bashing your head in no time. These three songs are an incredible representation of what this band is capable of. Pure, fun, energetic and unexpergated rock and roll."

Heavy Planet, June 19 / 2012

"Disastroid's sound is a sluggish riff-fest supplemented by powerful vocals and head-bangin stoner flavour. Heavy and real, yet many of the songs find a fine balance between hardness and softness that keeps the mood flowing smoothly."
Mos Def Blog, June 2012

"A stoner rock album with a grunge twist that manages to avoid sounding exactly the same as every other stoner-rock-with-a-grunge-twist albums that have come out this year. The combination of meaty hooks, modulation and refined composition makes Money and Guilt a highly listenable album."
Steff Metal, May 2012

"Mixing Grunge/Stoner Rock Riffs to perfection. Awesome Stuff. If you're looking for a brilliant hard-rocking Stoner Rock/Grunge Rock band then check these guys. Fucking Awesome. If you're into SoundGarden, KYUSS, Fu Manchu and DOZER then you will be in Stoner Rock Heaven."
Sludgelord, May 16 / 2012

"I really appreciate the “free spirit” style that DISASTROID exhibits musically. This band plays loose while still coming across as a tight unit. Both songs are obviously produced quite well, while still maintaining a fun“garage-style” atmosphere; which seems to be missing too often in the world of Rock today. The vocals of Enver Koneya remind me of the super legendary Chris Cornell." 
Metal Odyssey, May 2012

The Australian radio show "Sitting in a Bar in Adelaide" chats with Disastroid about the album:

More Press

"If you ask Disastroid to describe themselves they may just shrug you off. Bring them your sludge-rock fans, metalheads, and jaded hipsters; they're not above or below any of you."
- ThrasherSeptember '10

"With a cataclysmic madness that Therapy?, Queens of the Stone Age and The Melvin have been able to personify in the past, Disastroid pound, pop and squeal on their first LP 'Life or Death'... All combined, Disastroid dish up a unique brand of stoner-blues-punk rock." -Mental Pirate, August '10

"Melvins/Minutemen/QOTSA-styled stoner rock that generally refuses to sit still... this is some good ol' fashioned instant gratification rock. You can pick it up, put it on, and get your feet moving post-haste. Recommended.", October '09

"...Fucking awesome. The perfect mix of Harvey Milk, Jesus Lizard, Melvins, nomeansno, and Danzig all while tuning it to their own unique sound. It was everything that has been good about rock music and what is good about rock music now. I highly recommend these guys and it was nice to be completely blown away by an opening band I had never heard a note from before." Speed Glue and Music, July '09

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