Friday, August 24, 2012

An August Update

Oh hey there. Do you guys like UPDATES? Who's ready for an UPDATE?! FUCK YEAH!

First off, we are playing two Bay Area shows in the coming week:

   Wednesday, August 29 at Eli's Mile High Club in Oakland
   with Sludgebucket and The Chiefs (Arizona)

   Saturday, September 1st at Bender's Bar in San Francisco
   With Abatis

Check out the flyers by Disastroid's own Enver Koneya and our buddy Josh Rautenberg.

In other news, we got a nice review from the Russian website "Rockway". The write-up is here:

...but if that's just crazy gibberish to you, below is a Google translation. If anyone can tell us what a "sverkada" is, we would really love to know. Also, one factual correction: the album WILL INDEED make you run around the house tearing your pants off when you listen to it.

"If Chris Cornell did a party with Josh Homme, it sounded like Mr. Enver Koneya, singer from San Franscisco, Disastroid.

The guy had the dish (and have the necessary skills, of course) to create a complex that will house the voice and found musicians through ads, so do colleges with Braden McGaw (drums, percussion) and Travis Williams (bass). By Enver scraping the strings to the guitar, their sound is a mishmash QOTSA, Soundgarden and Melvis and as he says himself Koneya, play stoner rock for people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Not going to run around your house tearing the pants you wear when you hear the album, but I assure you that will shake sverkada and have a wonderful time.

The opening track "Fallout" with its distinctive bass line from the top shows that talking to a plate with a strong atmosphere of psychedelia and the next "Low" could easily have been the idea of ​​Josh Homme.

The bad news of course is that the 8-track album of Disastroid lasts just 26 minutes. On the other hand, does not need to shoot a musical riff kourazontas durations and the venerable listener's ear. I suggest you check and let me know that after I am wrong!"

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