Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Noses to the Grindstone

We've been on-and-off at a great new studio in SF, Studio SQ, working on getting a few new songs down to tape. (Literally... we are going all-analogue, straight-to-tape on this one.)

We finally got three songs down and they're off for mastering. We're planning on making them part of a larger album in the future, and in the meantime we will be making them available digitally and possibly even releasing them as a 7". More on all that later.

Thanks to the good folks at Studio SQ... check out their digs here: http://www.studiosq.com

Below are some shots of some of their neato vintage gear. And also the Little Moogerfooger That Could, which we found ourself using for all kinds of weird stuff.

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